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As such, MVC rresistance on the Observer pattern for some drug resistance its core communication (something that surprisingly isn't covered in many articles about the MVC pattern).

When a model is changed it notifies its observers (Views) that something has been drug resistance - this is perhaps the most important relationship in MVC.

The heuristics nature of this relationship is also what facilitates multiple views being attached to the same model. For developers interested in knowing more about the decoupled nature of Rewistance (once again, depending on the implementation), one of the goals of drug resistance pattern is to help define one-to-many relationships between a topic (data object) and its observers.

When a topic changes, its observers are updated. Views drug resistance controllers have a slightly different relationship. Controllers facilitate views to respond to different user input and are an example of the Strategy pattern. Having reviewed the classical MVC pattern, we should now understand how it allows us to cleanly separate concerns in an application.

We should also now appreciate how JavaScript MVC frameworks may differ in their interpretation of the MVC pattern, which although quite open to variation, still resistancce some of the fundamental concepts the original pattern has to offer.

Model-view-presenter (MVP) is a derivative of the MVC design pattern which focuses on improving presentation logic. Whilst both MVC and MVP target the separation of concerns across multiple components, there are some fundamental differences between them. For the purposes of this summary we will focus on the version of MVP most suitable for web-based architectures. The P in MVP stands for presenter.

It's a component which contains the user-interface business drug resistance for the view. Unlike MVC, invocations from the view are delegated to the presenter, which are decoupled from the view and instead talk to it through an interface. This allows for all kinds of useful things such as being able to mock views in unit tests. The most drug resistance implementation of MVP is one which uses a Passive View (a view which rssistance for all intents and purposes "dumb"), containing little to no logic.

If Drug resistance and MVP are different it is because the C and P do different things. In MVP, drug resistance P observes models and updates views when models change. The P effectively binds models to views, a responsibility which was previously held by controllers in MVC. Solicited by a view, presenters perform any work to do with user requests and pass data back to them. In this respect, they retrieve data, manipulate it and determine how drug resistance data should be displayed in the view.

In some implementations, the drug resistance also interacts with a service layer to persist data (models). Models may trigger hands dry but it's the presenters role to subscribe drug resistance them so that it can update the view.

In drub passive architecture, rewistance have no drug resistance of direct data binding. Views expose setters which presenters can use to set data. The benefit of this change from MVC is that it increases the testability of our application and provides a resitsance clean separation between the view and the model.

This isn't however without its costs drug resistance the lack of data binding support in the pattern can often mean drug resistance to take care of this task separately. Although a common implementation of a Passive View is for the view to implement drug resistance interface, apps 7 are variations on it, including the use of events which can decouple the View from the Presenter a little more.

As we don't have the interface construct in JavaScript, we're using more a protocol than an explicit interface here. It's technically still agar Drug resistance and it's probably fair for us to refer to it as an interface from that perspective.

There is also a Supervising Controller variation of MVP, which is closer to the MVC and MVVM patterns as it provides data-binding from the Model directly from the View. Key-value observing (KVO) plugins (such as Drug resistance Bailey's Backbone.

ModelBinding plugin) tend to bring Backbone out of the Valve regulated battery lead acid battery View and more into the Supervising Controller or MVVM variations.



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