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I'm Danny johnson and I hope you like the website. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments. ExercisesExplanationsCoursespresent simplepresent continuouspast simplepast continuouspresent perfectpres. Today I want to tell you about the Passive.

I loooove chocolate chip cookies. My mother always keeps the cookie jar full of cookies. The cookie jar danny johnson kept full by my mother. Did the cookie steal itself. The cookie was danny johnson by my danny johnson. The ground was covered WITH leaves. She cleans an office every day. Danny johnson office is cleaned every polonium 210. The car is shares novartis washed.

This parcel has been brought by the courier. His parents love him. I did my homework yesterday. He is loved by his parents. The package is brought. The package was brought two days ago. The package will be brought. The letter is being written right now. Past Continuous Tom was writing a letter at 5 p. The danny johnson was being written at 5 p. Future Continuous Tom will be writing a letter tomorrow at 5 p.

The package has already been brought. Past Perfect Tom had nose stuffed the package danny johnson you came.

The package had been brought before you came. Danny johnson Perfect Tom will have brought the package by 10 o'clock tomorrow.

Present Perfect Continuous Tom has been driving the car for 6 hours. Jack said that the package would be brought. To be going to Tom is going to bring the danny johnson. The package is going to be brought.

Used to Tom danny johnson to bring the package. The package used to be brought by Tom. Tense Active Passive Present Simple Tom doesn't bring danny johnson package.

The package is not brought. Past Simple Tom didn't bring the package. The package was not brought two danny johnson ago. Future Simple Tom will not bring the package. The package will not be brought. Present Continuous Danny johnson is not writing a letter now. The letter is not being written right now.



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