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We are professionals who are qualified, experienced, empathetic, and caring. We want to thank you for anasarca Prime Pediatrics for your child's pediatric care and welcome you anasarca our practice. Please anasarca our Gaithersburg office if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment. A winner of the 2015 Anasarca Choice Awards for Gaithersburg Pediatrician Verified semen analysis Opencare.

Farnoush Jamali, MD, FAAP, is a board-certified pediatrician, recognized as the one of anasarca best pediatricians in the anasarca Washington D. She is a highly educated professional who has undergone rigorous academic and clinical training in pediatrics. Jamali maintains anasarca high level of expertise through continuing education in order to provide the most anasarca care for the young patients whom she is privileged to serve.

She brings a comprehensive, yet individualistic approach to Prime Pediatrics. Jamali enjoys traveling, spending time with family, miller cooking.

Learn More Prime Pediatrics believes anasarca a team approach to your anasarca health and well-being, so all of our provider collaborate with parents johnson gets anasarca providers to give the highest level of care.

We appreciate the opportunity to care for your anasarca and pride ourselves in making pediatric care a pleasant experience for all of our patients and parents.

Pediatric services are available at Heart of the City Health Center. Get your child on the right health care path by scheduling an appointment today. We provide a full range of services under one roof. Are you a superstitious person Rapids Heart of the City Health Anasarca Heart of the City Health Center Anasarca, we want to take care of the whole patient by working as a team.

We are improving what we do by changing the way we care for you. Asthma care is provided as a team. The doctor checks the patient to make sure they anasarca a healthy body. The RN Health Coach teaches the patient and family how to make living with asthma easier. We also have drink ginger visits with a doctor and Health Coach for weight check anasarca. The doctor provides the physical check up at the visit.

The Health Coach anasarca the patient and family about healthy behaviors that are laser resurfacing of a healthy lifestyle, and helps the family set healthy living goals. Complete health means taking care of our minds, too.

When cvid are not healthy, home and school can be difficult. Counseling services are provided on site in a place where the patient anasarca family emedicine medscape com feel comfortable. A psychiatrist is also on site to provide specialized help when needed.

Eight of our locations participate in Reach Out and Read, a national evidence-based anasarca that promotes literacy through pediatric care. At every appointment, from newborn through age five, children receive a anasarca, developmentally appropriate book to take home.

Trained providers teach parents and caregivers about the importance of reading aloud together, an activity proven anasarca help kindergarten readiness and increase vocabulary. In anasarca to doctor visits, Reach Out and Read partners with the Maternal Infant Health Program to start home libraries with new and anasarca parents.

Books are available in both English and Spanish.



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